We Connect through GROWING

As a community of faith, we strive to be growing disciples:



No matter your age, we encourage you to grow in your discipleship. Here are some ways you might consider growing in your relationship with Christ throughout the week:


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Spiritual Gifts

Knowing the gifts you were given by the Holy Spirit makes it easier for you to find ministries to engage.

Daily Bible Readings

Reading and reflecting on the Bible daily is the number one catalyst for spiritual growth. See how we can help.

Small Groups

We have small groups for all ages with all sorts of interests. Each one of them will foster faith as well as fellowship.

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Youth and Children

Youth and children are not the future of the church -- they are the church. Check out how we are engaging them.

Wednesday Evenings

Worship with reflective prayer and Holy Communion followed by Bible Study comprises the evening's activities most Wednesdays

Spiritual Growth

Events, retreats, and workshops to help you grow deeper into your relationshipw ith Christ.



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