Spiritformation Mentor Resources

Thank you for being a Spiritformation Mentor. You are an integral part of your youth's spiritformation process as they mature into a young disciple of Christ. Here you will find what you need to know about becoming a mentor. In addition, there are resources here for your youth's final year of preparation, their ninth grade year. Above all, your prayer for and conversation with your youth will be invaluable to their spiritual maturation.


Overall Mentoring Guidelines

     These will give you an overall concept of mentoring your youth in 7th-9th grades.

Ninth Grade Preparation

      This is helpful tools to get your youth off on the right foot in his/her ninth grade year.

Spiritual Gifts Inventory and Explanation

      This is an online inventory to help you and your youth with the ninth grade preparation.

Connection Times

     You will get toegther with your youth 4-6 times throughout their ninth grade year. These are some talking points for those times.

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