Sunday School

This fall we are excited to be bringing back Sunday School for all ages! We hope that you will pray for this as we work to (re)introduce toddlers, children, youth, and adults to the love of Jesus.


Over the next few months we will be reaching out to our own children as well as children that you might know. Our first step will be to contact parents and let them know that a friend of theirs in the congregation has aksed if we might invite their child(ren) to Sunday School. Once the parent gives their permission, that child will receive a personal, mailed invitation from us. And, as the time draws closer, they will receive a reminder call and card. Please, consider letting us know the children that you would like to (re)introduce to Jesus. There is a form, here.


Then, starting on September 10th, Sunday School will be in full swing with the following ages:

             Preschool: 3years - Kindergarten

            1st-3rd Grades

            4th-6th Grades

            Youth (7th-12th Grades)


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