This week I’m thinking about perspective…

Where you are standing changes things. Where your eyes are falling makes a difference on what you are capable of seeing. 

No big secret, I don’t write these THoughts at o’dark-thirty on a THursday. Case in point, I am writing these on 9/11. 

As such, I was listening to a story of a Manhattan 9/11 survivor — someone who while not in the Towers, was in Manhattan and saw, felt, was engulfed by the topple. Here is part of her story (in my words, not hers):

“After my colleagues and I made it across the bridge, I went to my church. It was a church with a really high tower and, if you had keys, you could climb that tower. That’s where I went after the Towers fell, and I looked toward Manhattan at the destruction, chaos…

“But when I turned around and looked out at the rest of the world, the day that I woke up to greeted me: The sky was crystal blue, the air clean, the sun shining.”

“The way of a fool is right in his own eyes,
but a wise man listens to advice.”                     

Proverbs 12:15

Where we are standing, how were approaching something, where we are looking — it changes what we see. We often look at the world from our narrow perspective or our particular perch and see one thing. But someone looking from another perspective sees something different.

You know, don’t you, that God see from all our perspectives — even knows why it is we see what it is that we see. But God is always trying to move us, to turn us around, to help us see more broadly. In essence, God is coaxing us to see more and more with the eyes of God.

Of course, this is impossible for us humans — to see completely as God sees. But we can move in that direction. We can train our eyes to see how it is that God sees. And ultimately to see one another with far more compassion and patience.

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