This week I’m thinking about humility…

Oh sure. I talk a good game — maybe we all do. That I have my act together. Even in my “humility,” I find that I am less than humble.

Like last week: “I am scatter-brained” I humbly presented. Only not really, right? Because I used it to say something that I thought was all “Ooooo… this is good for them to think about.”

And then, those of you who see my THursdayTHoughts via MailChimp may have noticed a bit of irony as my THursdayTHoughts did not hit your inbox until Sunday? The fact that I actually was SO distracted that I forgot to schedule it’s mailing? In other words, I thought I was being all clever — and then found out I was not. Humbled…

A good dose of humility from time to time is good for me. Well, maybe for me more often would even be better…

One day the Eternal God scooped dirt out of the ground, sculpted it into the shape we call human, breathed the breath that gives life into the nostrils of the human, and the human became a living soul.

Genesis 2:7 (The Voice translation)

Humility is actually the stuff of creation. Did you know that? You see, way back in the beginning of Genesis, the writer wants us to know this humility stuff. God decides to create and one the biblical witnesses says that “God formed the first person out of the dust of the ground” (NRSV). Now, dust of the ground in Hebrew is adamah (see the pun there, Adam out of adamah? Funny!); in Latin it is humus. If you are a gardener, you know this is what you want to plant in, because humus is really good soil.

Well, it doesn’t take rocket science to see all the English words that come out of that Latin word: humus -> humility -> humble -> and… you guessed it, human!

You see, we were created to be humble, and probably humbled too. This is what the biblical witness was trying to tell us: you are not God! You are this stuff that God put together as the first mud pie in history. That’s your origin. 

Of course… there are these special things that happen, right? God’s breath and God’s image… but that sounds like something for next week.

In the meantime, peace.

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