This week I’m thinking about snow…

I can’t help it — I have to think about snow. Because here, at Celebration in Chardon, OH, there is 10 inches of it laying on the ground. It came pretty early for us — and pretty ferociously as well.

Now, most of us here in the “snowbelt” of Ohio start the bemoaning process early: “This is too early!” or “I’m not ready for this yet!” or just a plain and simple “UGH!” Or course, there are those who revel in the winter, those skiers and winter enthusiasts. But mostly when walking into stores or seeing people on the streets there is a lot of deep sighing.

I’m guilty of it myself. Winter is not my favorite season — although I find that snow makes it bearable.

Yes, bearable! Now those of you who live in climates that don’t get so much snow may not have noticed, but snow makes it feel warmer out (it is an insulator of all things!). And, snow makes it brighter out (because it reflects). And snow makes things absolutely beautiful!

God looked over everything he had made;

        it was so good, so very good!

Genesis 1:31

You and I have a tendency to take the beautiful things of God and find a reason to denigrate them. I don’t know why, but we seem to do that with lots of beautiful things: spider webs, jelly fish, and yes, people.

God gave us so many beautiful things and people — and when God made all these things God pronounced them “good”! 

May you and I catch ourselves this week when we start putting down the beautiful things of God.

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