This week I’m thinking about prepositions…

Who knew what a difference a preposition can make? We all know that punctuation saves lives,* but prepositions?

The stark difference that a preposition can make happened for me this past Sunday. Our worship assistant was praying the prayers of the church that he had written when he prayed, “Let us pray for peace on our world.” Not “in” our world; on our world.

And all of a sudden there was this image of a giant blanket of peace floating down over the earth. Like God was wishing ever so much to cover us with peace.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I fluctuate in temperature all the time — so flinging off a blanket is a common occurrence. And I remember my tiny daughters fighting with swaddling (those tight blankets) to assert their independence by pushing a lone foot out into the cold. Or wrestling with blankets as a kid — waking up all tied in knots.

Is this why peace is so elusive for us — we are constantly fighting with this blanket. We can’t seem to get comfortable under it and it is too cold without it? We wrestle with it because it seems so constricting? We want to assert our independence?

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. 

John 14:27

Send peace “on our world.”

Jesus did say he brought peace; a peace like the world cannot give. What if that peace is a giant, weighted blanket of peace. And the problem isn’t that there is no peace — the problem is that we are wrestling with the blanket. Not that it isn’t already available, but that we have tossed it aside because it is too much for us.

Dear Lord, help us to accept the peace which you have laid upon us.

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