This week I’m thinking about racism…

There is no audio version this week because of the video link.

So, this week I am thinking about racism, but then, who isn’t?

I condemn it. I call it out and I say, “This is not how God intends for us to be in community with one another.”

But I also can say I don’t “get” it. That’s because I am white and I see the world from where I sit — and I sit somewhere completely different than my black brothers and sisters.

So, I really have nothing more to add to the conversation. But I was given this link to a video by Trevor Noah of The Daily Show and it is was well worth my time — I think it would be well worth yours as well. Because if you are like me and you condemn racism but sit in a place where you don’t really “see” it, then these 18 minutes are for you.

I know that 18 minutes in our world is a “long” time to watch something; nevertheless, if you can’t figure out what else to do, then you can do this.

A twenty-year-old said to me this week, “You can’t be neutral on this.”

She is right. Because in God’s eyes, racism is not the way to be in community with one another. God sees a far more excellent way, a way of love (1 Corinthians 13) and a way that is good (Genesis 1). 

And one step is trying to see the world from a different place.

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