This week I’m thinking about June bugs…

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As promised, this is a summer of re-runs. I am re-running your favorite THursdayTHoughts from the past 10 years of THursdayTHoughts.

As I have started archiving them, the transformation of them over the years is pretty fun to watch. The THought that I share today is from way back in 2011 and is clearly early. But this is the one that I think of as a quintessential THursdayTHought.

Early on, there were not scripture verses tied to them, but in their re-run status I will include a scripture passage. This one about June bugs, as I re-read it, made me think of this passage from John’s Gospel. It seems that the disciples had been fishing from the same side of the boat all night and getting no where. And then Jesus says something astounding:

Jesus said to the disciples, “Cast the net to the right side of the boat, and you will find some.” So they cast it, and now they were not able to haul it in because there were so many fish.

John 21:6

From May 19, 2011
So, the other night I was lying in bed reading. Everyone was asleep. I heard a strange sound coming from outside my window — a small clunking sound.

I listened for awhile and thought I had better investigate. I was afraid it was a deer walking on our patio, come to snack on my newly purchased tomato plants!

I walked downstairs, turned on the light, opened the door. No deer (whew!). Instead there was a GIGANTIC June bug (what was he doing out?). There he was, attracted to the light — pounding his little head against the siding of the house. Bonk! Bonk! Bonk! over and over. I shook my head at him, asked him why not fly out in the yard where there was plenty of room, and then turned the light out in sympathy.

I got to thinking about the June bug the next day. How much are we like that June bug — trying to get through vinyl siding with our heads. Trying to overcome our problems with the same tactic again and again and again. I wonder if God looks at us like I looked at the June bug: with sympathy, hoping we would stop bonking our heads against the same problems.

So, what is your side of the house you keep running into? Have you tried turning around — doing the exact opposite — and flying out into the big world?

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