We know that different people are at different places in their faith journeys. Whether you are new to the faith or long in the tooth, we believe that there is always more for your faith journey. FaithFormation is our way of helping you to form your faith or deepen your faith in our God who already has so much faith in you.

Young Faith

These youngest in the faith are thinking concretely and actively. And so, during worship, they are invited to go keep their hands busy while hearing about the love of God. They return to the worship space just as we are collecting an offering — as they will always have an offering of their own!

Bible Study

Pastor Laura is leading a bible study on the Travels of Saint Paul. You can join this study Wednesdays at noon or 7:30pm at Celebration, or on YouTube any time. There are Wednesdays we don’t meet, so check our schedule.

Small Groups

There are several small groups which meet during the week or after worship on Sunday. Check out our Events page for options.

Beer and Bible

Martin Luther once said, “It is better to think of church in the ale house than to think of the ale house in church.”

We gather the first and third Tuesdays in a local, public place to raise a glass of something and to discuss the bible and our faith. It is our hope that our witness attracts attention!

For updates, visit our events page or like the Beer and Bible Facebook page.