We know that different people are at different places in their faith journeys. Whether you are new to the faith or long in the tooth, we believe that there is always more for your faith journey. FaithFormation is our way of helping you to form your faith or deepen your faith in our God who already has so much faith in you.

Young Faith

Our elementary age children will have the opportunity strengthen their relationship with Jesus after worship on Sundays for 20-30 minutes. This will also be offered on our Facebook page (although the children present will not be shown). At the beginning of the month packets will be distributed to families to help them with the at-home version of this faithformation. If you would like a packet, please contact the church office.

Bible Study

We all have questions about scripture, and this bible study with Pastor Laura helps to answer some of them. Whether you are new to bible study or have been studying you whole life, this look into the Gospel of Luke will open your eyes in new ways to the good news of God in Christ.

Although it is not necessary, purchasing the Kerygma Resource Book Good News for All would be helpful to participants. If you wanted, you could even purchase the study book and learn on your own.

In an effort to meet all sorts of life styles and comfort levels, this course is offered three different ways:

  1. The course will be offered in person at the church with Pastor Laura. Of course, we will follow all COVID protocols and meet in this way only when Lake and Geauga Counties are in health levels yellow and orange.
  2. Participants can video in on Zoom at the time of the class and engage the leader and participants. To do this, please register here. This is a one-time registration and you will then receive a Zoom invitation that is good for all the classes.
  3. You can watch on Facebook Live either at the time of the class or the recorded version at your convenience.

We look forward to your “presence” in this class, and hope that the Gospel of Luke draws you into a deeper and closer relationship with Christ.

Small Groups

There are several small groups which meet during the week or after worship on Sunday. Check out our Events page for options.

Beer and Bible

Martin Luther once said, “It is better to think of church in the ale house than to think of the ale house in church.”

We gather the first and third Tuesdays in a local, public place to raise a glass of something and to discuss the bible and our faith. It is our hope that our witness attracts attention!

For updates, visit our events page or like the Beer and Bible Facebook page.