Generosity of time, talents and resources is a hallmark of the life of discipleship. We encourage generous giving not just to our congregation, but to your neighborhood, communities and the larger world.

We are always thankful for the generous donations that keep our congregation active in the work of God’s kingdom. Give securely online!

Should you wish to create a Financial Covenant with God through Celebration, please click here.

In-Kind Gifts

Often throughout the year we have collections of items or special donations for various causes. In the past we have supported Project Hope, Hannah’s Home, Sub Zero Mission, Lutheran Disaster Response, the USO, and others.

Right now: Widow’s Mite

There was this woman in the bible who put her two small coins into the collection box. She knew that her coins would mix with others and that together this would make change (yes, pun intended!). This Lent we are collecting your change! For whom? You get to decide. So besides your coins, put your chit into the ballot box and vote for your favorite benevolent cause. By Palm Sunday we will have voted on a winner.


Whether singing in the choir or leading a book group, we welcome your talents. Or, maybe you have a talent or skill that you don’t see a place for on our website. We would love to hear about it!


By giving your time to the PTA or Boy Scouts, the Kiwanis or at Celebration, we are called to give our our time to serve our neighbors. If you want to help us serve our neighbors, you can check out our options.