Growing Steps

We all need a next step in our relationship with God. Here are a few ways that we might be able to help.


Right now, we worship online at our Facebook page. When we can, we will get back to what is “normal” for us:

Being with other in faith keeps us grounded, honest, and inspired. We worship at 9:30am on Sundays at 7pm Wednesdays. Second Wednesday is a chance to gather around food and cross as we feed our bodies and spirits.


Perhaps God is calling you to serve. We have opportunities in our community and in the neighborhood for you to engage. You can check out our options, or find something in your community that ignites your passion.


Reflecting on Scripture is the number one catalyst for spiritual growth. Our daily readings will help busy people reflect on scripture with a bible reading delivered to your inbox everyday along with a question to reflect on.

Resuming in the Fall will be a bible study led by Pastor Laura on Wednesdays @7:30pm.

Spiritual Coaching

Not sure which step is right? Our one-to-one spiritual coaching is designed to help guide you toward your next step. Like a personal trainer who helps you reach your physical goals, our spiritual coaches help get you walking. Read more here.