Celebration worships with an eclectic mix of music, prayer, and experiential elements. We often get up and move around the worship space, and we celebrate Holy Communion each week. You are invited to Christ’s communion table as you are hungry for God’s mercy and grace.

Sunday @9:30am

The life of discipleship is one that take the shape of the cross. Come worship with us as we explore the cruciform life.

Wednesdays @7pm

There are five unnamed women in Mark’s gospel and each of them is lifted up by Jesus as a model of faith: Peter’s mother-in-law, the bleeding woman, the poor widow, the Syrophoenician woman, and the woman who anointed Jesus. We welcome Pastor Paul who will lead us in a gospel contemplation centered on the stories of these women.

Wednesdays @noon

During Lent we encourage you to join the larger community in the evening. Noon worship will return on April 29.